We create equitable places through incisive research and impactful projects. We work exclusively for the public sector and charities and are committed to delivering public good.

Approach and Values

We are a collaborative, integrated team with a wide range of skills. Together, we have defined our practice values, which inform both our approach to projects and our studio culture:

Curious and Open: We are keen to learn from the places where we work and the communities we work with. We welcome a diversity of voices both within our team and across the stakeholders and colleagues we engage with on our projects.

Bold and Ambitious: We strive for influence and impact. We do not shy away from challenge in the pursuit of public good. We aim for excellence at every level.

Accessible and Responsive: Clear, inclusive communication is critical to our work. We are particularly committed to involving and designing for groups who are typically under-represented. Our work is genuinely shaped by the feedback we receive.

Considered and Precise: Our work is careful and accurate. Our research skills bring rigour to the portfolio of the practice.

Independent and Insightful: We bring valuable expertise to specialist subjects and appreciate our independent position. We are often ‘intermediaries’ between different stakeholder groups, which allows us to steward ambitious project outcomes in complex scenarios.