Holly Lewis Appointed to Centre for London's Industrial Land Commission

20 September 2021

Holly Lewis has been appointed to Centre for London's Industrial Land Commission.

Centre for London has convened an independent, expert-led commission to provide fresh thinking on the future of London’s industrial land. The Industrial Land Commission is chaired by Liz Peace CBE, Chair of Trustees at Centre for London and Chairman of the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation, and is made up of senior experts including local authorities, landowners and occupiers. Commissioners will meet four times and report in late 2021-22.

This Commission will explore questions including:

  • What role does industrial land play in London’s economy – from jobs to logistics, to sustainable city servicing. How has this changed and how is it likely to change in the future? How should we assess the trade-offs with other uses?
  • What are the opportunities to intensify industrial land or combine it with other uses? What new models of intensification and multi-use are or could be, developed?
  • How should industrial land planning policy be strengthened and reformed? What can local, regional and national government do, beyond planning policy, to support optimal use of industrial land?

Read a short paper, published in September 2021, that sets out the initial conclusions of the Industrial Land Commission, which is exploring how London can make the best use of limited available land to meet the city's competing needs. Download here.