Holly Lewis appointed as Mayor’s Design Advocate

30 May 2022

Mayor appoints Holly Lewis, Partner at We Made That, one of 42 experts to shape a better city by promoting quality and inclusion in the built environment.

To support the refreshed Good Growth by Design programme, the Mayor, Sadiq Khan has appointed 42 new Mayor’s Design Advocates (MDAs) to support the Mayor’s Good Growth by Design programme and help shape London into a better city by promoting quality and inclusion on the built environment.

MDAs are independent experts who will support the Mayor’s vision of “good growth” and will ensure that new buildings and public spaces will benefit Londoners and are at the heart of the capital's recovery from the pandemic.

In addition to high profile names, the new cohort also includes fresh, emerging talent in the built environment space and those who have relevant expertise in key areas such as zero-carbon and sustainability, the safety of women and girls and housing quality.

“I’m delighted to be reappointed as a Mayor’s Design Advocate to continue the vital work we commenced together as the first cohort in 2017. The pandemic has accelerated a change in the way Londoners use the city and I’m driven by ensuring that our capital city is safe, fairer, greener and more prosperous.”
Holly Lewis, Partner at We Made That

The group of 42 MDAs have experience in both the public and private sector, include practitioners, academics, policymakers and those from community-led initiatives. 55 per cent are women and 45 per cent come from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds.

The new cohort will support the updated Good Growth by Design programme which has a new forward programme responding to four years of change. The newly updated programme reflects the importance of an inclusive recovery from a pandemic that has highlighted inequalities in the capital and need to counter racism and other forms of prejudice in the built environment.

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