New Design Review Panel appointments across the team

08 September 2023

A series of new appointments to design review panels in London and across the south east will now see Ana Santini, Tom Fox and Holly Lewis contributing independent design review advice for a range of local authorities, including Brighton & Hove City Council, London Borough of Croydon as well as across the wider south east, often in places facing intense pressure for growth.

Ana Santini, Tom Fox and Holly Lewis

Ana Santini, Senior Urban Designer, has been appointed to the Brighton & Hove Design PLACE Panel. She will be one of 25 expert consultants and built environment professionals appointed on behalf of Brighton & Hove City Council to deliver independent design review advice.

The Review Panel promotes high-quality design to help deliver the vision and objectives of the Brighton & Hove City Plan. The Council is facing a major challenge to accommodate growth without compromising the city’s unique quality and character. Ana’s role on the panel will help the city address this challenge. Read Ana’s short bio and those of other panel members here.

“I’ve got to know Brighton, its intricacies and complexities, through leading the development of the Eastern Seafront Supplementary Planning Document and I’m motivated to bring new perspectives to championing design quality in the city.”
Ana Santini, Senior Urban Designer

Design South East has appointed Tom Fox, Senior Associate, to be a new panel member offering industry-leading design review, focusing on London and the wider south east. He will be involved in delivering expert, independent multidisciplinary advice on plans, policies, and projects.

The long-established panel includes a network of over 180 built environment experts; all leading practitioners from the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, masterplanning, heritage, engineering, sustainability, transport and movement, community engagement and planning.

“Having worked for and within local authorities across the south east I’m delighted to have a role in ensuring design quality is at the centre of delivering the growth and renewal the region’s cities, market towns and rural areas are facing.”
Tom Fox, Senior Associate

Croydon Council has appointed 31 members to its newly launched Place Review Panel. Holly Lewis, Co-founding Partner, has been a panel member since it was first formed in 2016 and has now been promoted as one of the four chairpersons.

The panel will be using their areas of expertise to advise the council on major planning proposals, capital projects, regeneration and development projects in the borough.

Holly will regularly chair sessions to review major development schemes in Croydon, Town Centre regeneration proposals and Growth Zone and public realm improvement projects, providing impartial advice to the council, while making sure the advice of the panel also represents the Croydon community. Read more here.

“Having worked on projects in Croydon since 2011 and been a Place Review Panel member since 2016, I’m delighted to be a chair on the council’s new Design Review Panel. Croydon is a fascinating microcosm of national planning - from mega towers to the Surrey Hills - and it’s a pleasure to be championing great design in such a dynamic environment.”
Holly Lewis, Co-founding Partner