Runcorn Station Quarter Masterplan

Unlocking the successful regeneration of re-purposed public land

We Made That were appointed by Halton Borough Council to develop a masterplan and delivery strategy for Runcorn Station Quarter, which prepares for the forthcoming HS2 and West Coast Mainline improvements and create a new gateway into Runcorn, the Liverpool City Region and beyond.

In the context of the new Mersey Gateway crossing and the de-linking of the Silver Jubilee Bridge, the masterplan captured a unique and compelling opportunity to revitalise the Runcorn Station Quarter. The removal of redundant road infrastructure provided the council and Network Rail with a significant opportunity to leverage new development and regeneration opportunities upon publicly-owned land. Through its vision and strategy, the masterplan sparked a positive campaign for the future of Runcorn, attracting much needed investment to boost its local economy, and establishing its vital role within the borough and the Liverpool City Region.

The masterplan proposals respond directly to close collaboration with the council and local stakeholders, along with an in depth socio-economic analysis that considered local demographics, the area’s employment and business base, labour market and skills position, local housing, and the function and role of Runcorn town centre including its links to Runcorn Station.

New station square

Redundant road infrastructure to be removed to unlock opportunities

“The opening of the Mersey Gateway has given us this huge opportunity to transform the area in front of Runcorn Station. We want people getting off the train at Runcorn Station to get a brilliant first impression of our town and for there to be new places for local people to live, work or enjoy. Doing this work now means we are in the best position possible to achieve these things moving forward.”
Cllr Rob Polhill, Council Leader

The masterplan initially focused on public realm to lay the groundwork for a vibrant but functional gateway into Runcorn, which would reset current negative perceptions of the area, and ensure a memorable gateway for future visitors. The provision of direct, legible and well-designed routes to Runcorn’s existing assets ensure the benefits of an improved station quarter are extended to the town centre and the Liverpool City Region visitor economy.

The masterplan introduced an appropriate mix of new uses within the Station Quarter, which respond to the needs of existing businesses and the local community. The planning of development establishes an integrated approach with the existing street grain and activities of the neighbouring areas in order to re-stitch the Station Quarter back into its wider context.

Runcorn Station Quarter is a major part of the Council’s Mersey Gateway Regeneration Programme. The programme aims to maximise the long-term economic benefits from the new crossing for Halton and set outs a package of development and investment that will transform Halton over the next decade.

A set of initial catalyst projects were included within the masterplan to begin the process of unlocking opportunity within the Station Quarter whilst aiming to gain public and developer interest. The projects included opportunities for co-designing public spaces with the local community through live testing events, along with collaboration with local landowners and businesses to add further definition to specific site proposals.

The public space at the first phase of the masterplan is currently being delivered.

Project Details

Halton Borough Council

Completed 2018


We Made That, Regeneris, Steer, PRD