On the ground in Malmö

24 May 2024

We’re in Malmö with our super-local team of Kjellander Sjöberg and Förstberg Ling for early on-the-ground walking workshops around the Trollhättan 6 site on Universitetsholmen. Together we’ll be collaborating (including with the client team, and our fellow competitors) to understand the site, its surroundings, and examine central issues of the development. Our collective thoughts will shape the future brief for the site as a vibrant and desirable location in this area of significant change.

The brief’s main aspiration is to explore the use of existing resources, hybrid architecture and an ambitious sustainability agenda. The design should enhance Malmö's special character and become an exemplar in highlighting industrial heritage. Trollhättan 6 is to become a mixed urban block with new workplaces and homes, providing central areas and meeting places that activate the urban realm.

This exciting parallel assignment was commenced in March 2024 as part of Malmö City’s ambition for holistic and sustainable long-term solutions, in collaboration with developers Skanska Fastigheter and Riksbyggen, and process management by Gunilla Kronvall.

“In Malmö doing walking workshops with the client team for the Trollhättan 6 site competition highlights character, heritage and innovation amongst the hot topics.”
Holly Lewis, Co-founding Partner

Kjellander Sjöberg, Förstberg Ling and We Made That has been shortlisted and are on the ground in Malmö for the next stage of workshop-led development. These series of workshops will enable our team to investigate the site conditions, its role and character to shape a plan that fosters an inclusive neighbourhood and a sense of belonging for people and businesses.

Read more on the Malmö City Council’s website