Community Researchers Open Call - Making London Safer for Women, Girls and Gender Diverse People

20 February 2024

Are you interested in creating safe and inclusive spaces for everyone? We’re looking for women and gender diverse people to help us conduct research, test new engagement methods, and share insights about experiences of safety in London’s public places.

Transport for London (TfL) and the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) have been working together to make public space feel safer and more inclusive for women, girls and gender diverse people.

We are leading a team conducting Women’s Safety Audits in 5 locations across London to help understand women's experiences and perceptions of safety in different areas. Exploring and piloting these audits in town centres, transport hubs and other public spaces across London is a key action within TfL’s Ending Violence against Women and Girls programme and a core commitment within the Mayor’s Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy.

Join our team as one of 60 Community Researchers

We are now hiring Community Researchers of all ages and backgrounds to join our team for this new and exciting project.

A community researcher is someone who conducts research within their own community, often on issues that directly impact them and their local area. We are looking for 60 community researchers who have an interest in understanding women’s safety and contributing to this project to help improve public spaces for everyone. You will need to have knowledge of one of the following areas:

  • Uxbridge Station (Hillingdon)
  • Brixton Road (Lambeth)
  • Paddington Green (Westminster)
  • Walthamstow Bus Station (Waltham Forest)
  • Cycle Route 23 – Wembley to Harlesden (Brent)

No research experience or certifications are necessary but enthusiasm and commitment are key!

As a community researcher, you will:

  • Explore what safety means in your neighbourhood: Share your insights through innovative methods such as workshops, interviews, walk-along journeys, photo journaling and more.
  • Influence decision-making: Your perspective will be shared with your local authority, TfL, MOPAC and other key stakeholders to help inform concrete actions to make London’s public spaces safer for women girls and gender diverse people.
  • Connect with your community: Meet other women and gender diverse people from your local area who care about the same issues.
  • Gain valuable skills and experience: Develop research and communication skills while making a positive impact.
  • Be paid for your time: You will be paid the London Living Wage of £13.15 per hour for up to 12 hours. The work will take place over a 3-week period between May and June.

Apply now by filling out a simple application form.

Application deadline is Friday 8 March at 12 noon.

“These safety audits are a crucial step towards making London’s spaces safer for women, girls and gender diverse people. Working with community researchers will bring to light the realities of navigating public space for these groups and ensure that the voices of women directly influence efforts to foster a more inclusive city.”
Eve Avdoulos, Senior Associate

About the project

Transport for London (TfL) and the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) have been working together to make public space feel safer and more inclusive for women, girls and gender diverse people.

Over the summer months, they will be piloting Women's Safety Audits across 5 locations in London. These audits will involve women who are representative of London’s diverse communities to work together to inform decisions on public space design, planning, and management. The project aims to develop a toolkit for future audits, empowering any interested party to engage with women, girls, and gender-diverse people and understand their experience of public place. Beyond safety improvements, the audits aim to foster a sense of community and belonging for participants and those impacted by the outcomes.

We are supported by an expert sounding board of made up of female practitioners, policy makers and academics who each bring extensive experience to this project. They offer diverse perspectives – from inclusive cities and active travel, to community engagement and the night time economy. We are also excited to be working with the UCL Citizen Science Academy who will help deliver the community researcher training and provide support throughout the audit process.

This initiative aligns with the broader goal of promoting equality and freedom for women and girls in public spaces, tackling the responsibility for preventing violence against women and girls (VAWG), and respecting fundamental human rights. By exploring and piloting Women’s Safety Audits, the project seeks to understand diverse experiences and ensure a safe and inclusive London for everyone.

What does the role involve?

Responsibilities will include the following:

  • 1 hour virtual introductory call to meet the team and learn more about the project goals and outcomes
  • 5 hour in-person workshop where you will learn about research skills and test new methods
    • Uxbridge Station (Hillingdon), 22nd or 23rd May
    • Brixton Road (Lambeth), 22nd or 23rd May
    • Paddington Green (Westminster), 6th, 7th or 10th of June
    • Walthamstow Bus Station (Waltham Forest), 6th, 7th or 10th of June
    • Cycle Route 23 – Wembley to Harlesden (Brent), 6th, 7th or 10th of June
  • Up to 4 hours of self-driven research with other women in your community
  • 2 hour virtual reflections workshop to share your experiences and findings

The research will take place from May to June 2024. We are looking for researchers that can commit to working during this period. (You must be available during the research period and able to attend a training workshop on one of the dates listed above).

Who can apply?

We strongly encourage applications from women of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, with a special emphasis on welcoming individuals from diverse and traditionally underrepresented communities.

To be eligible you must:

  • identify as a woman (including both cisgender and transgender women) or gender diverse (gender expression exists on a spectrum outside of your sex assigned at birth)
  • be available during the research period
  • have familiarity with one of the 5 audit locations
  • be 16 years or older
  • be eligible to work in the UK (students in the UK are eligible to apply with a valid student visa).

We believe in fostering inclusivity and diversity in our community, and we encourage individuals from various backgrounds to apply and contribute to this research.

What’s in it for you?

We Made That’s Urban Research Unit will support you to carry out the research and you will receive training from UCL Citizen Science Academy. You will also get the opportunity to take part in training and support from leading practitioners, policy-makers and researchers, and you will join a network of researchers passionate about making spaces in London safer for all.

You will be paid the London Living Wage of £13.15 per hour for up to 12 hours of work. Travel stipends and support with accessibility requirements can be made available upon request.

Apply or want to hear more?

Apply now by filling out a simple application form. The application deadline is Friday 8 March at 12 noon. We will then contact notify all applicants of outcome via email.

We are also running two informal webinars where you can learn more about the project and ask any questions you may have. Please sign up for your preferred time here:

An additional round of recruitment will take place in early May if additional community researchers are needed.

Please stay connected through our LinkedIn or Instagram for further updates.

Access and support

We welcome applicants from a range of educational backgrounds and therefore do not require any formal qualifications to apply. We are committed to ensuring that the audits are fully accessible so if there is any additional support we could offer you to enable you to participate – in either the selection process or the research – please include this in your application or contact us before the deadline.

If you have any questions about the role or application, or if you would like to submit your application in a different format, please contact us at